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London meets Manchester #GJCities

artdivision24 November 2015

Head about 200 miles north-west of London and you’ll end up in a city that is best known for being home to Manchester United – one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

Sergio Aguero

Football is the heartbeat of Manchester, which has two Premier League clubs with different histories but a very prominent role in the present.

If you’re visiting Manchester then it would be rude not to suggest going on a stadium tour of Old Trafford or even attending a game. Known for its 70,000-plus crowds and its earth-shuddering atmosphere, a live match at Old Trafford is an experience that can change your perspective of the so-called ‘Beautiful Game’.

If that isn’t enough, 15 minutes down the road lies the other half of Manchester. It’s blue rather than red and it’s become a monster in recent times on the pitch, with quite possibly the best striker in the world at their forefront (he’s not too bad looking either). Choose your side carefully.

Manchester is not just noted for football. Shopping is almost a mutual love in a city that’s often divided on opinions. The Trafford Centre is perhaps the only shopping mall where you’ll enjoy losing your friends and finding them later. Picture a Harry Potter-esque maze whereby on every corner lies a new mystery. The Trafford Centre is something similar except without the dementors! It doesn’t just look like a Greek castle, it feels like one too, but if the look didn’t convince you, over 45,000 square metres of marble costing £5.8m might confirm that. Yeah, so, a Greek castle to shop in doesn’t sound half bad anymore does it?


You might be thinking, football and shopping? Almost every British city has both of them. OK, Manchester has the only football museum in the UK. Not just for the museum lovers who like to indulge in creative flair and history, there’s a designated area for visitors who like to take on puzzles along with some football-related challenges that you won’t find anywhere else. The best part? It’s FREE. Prepare to be blown away by creativity, invention and most of all, unique entertainment.

Over to London then, football runs through the blood of the people in London. With no less than five top-flight teams, including the elegant and easy-on-the-eye Gunners, or formally known as Arsenal. Taking in a match at the Emirates Stadium may well be one of the most expensive tickets in London, but it is an experience that may change your thoughts on how football is played. An emotional ride mixed with some Picasso-esque moments run by a very well-known French man, whose dress sense is one to admire.


With clothing now involved, where better to move to than the luxury look of Harrods? One of the oldest shopping experiences, founded in 1834, we can confidently say that it’s changed a lot since then in exciting ways. Although be careful that you don’t rock up in a tracksuit, with a flexible dress code, Harrods truly makes you feel special to shop there.

And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s a place visitors from around the world want to experience. The bright lights, the big city, Harrods brings Christmas to your purses.


If Harrods isn’t quite enough, pop out, turn right and you’ll be presented with some more Christmas love in a similar sense. Harvey Nicholls’ headquarters are hard to shy away from! The flagship store stares you in the face and almost shouts: “Come in, it’s Christmas.” There are only 16 Harvey Nicks stores around, and this particular one is pretty special during the festive period.

Now we’re into Christmas fever, we have the place for you. Winter Wonderland sits in Hyde Park, enticing the young and old into a world of, pretty much, Christmas. Get lost in the lights, the atmosphere and the very real fairy-tale that is Winter Wonderland. Oh and did we forget to mention, it’s FREE.

If shopping, football, Winter Wonderland isn’t your thing, we’ll presume you like a drink with your partner or with friends during Christmas. So, a cosy pub during Christmas paints a pretty picture in anyone’s mind. The White Horse known for its calm and comfortable vibe welcomes guests all year round but during Christmas it’s often crammed with cuteness that can melt even Darth Vader’s cold heart.



Manchester 8/10

London 8/10


Manchester 7/10

London 9/10

Things to do:

Manchester 6/10

London 7/10


Manchester 7/10

London 8/10


And of course if you want to move to London we can help you find a place to rent or buy right in the centre of the city. Please contact our Nine Elms Office on 02038 116 332 if you wish to learn more. Alternatively, please fill in the form below.



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