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London vs Leeds #GJCities

artdivision6 January 2016


Last month, Manchester took on London in the first round of #GJCities. But slightly north of Manchester sits a city known for best for its music festivals.


Music is the soul of Leeds, with Leeds and Reading festival working in tangent to deliver a monsoon event that brings to ends of the UK together. With the likes of Kasabian, Kendrick Lamar and others having performed recently it’s become a some-what ‘must-visit’ city in England. If that wasn’t enough for you to realise how much music means to Leeds, remember the Spice Girls? A certain Melanie B originates from Leeds!

On the flip side, London doesn’t do too badly for music either. With grime in the middle of a city reaping with talent, London has drawn out some of the biggest musicians out there right now with almost a new gig taking place every week. Not only have some of the best moments in concert history taken place in London, names such as Adele, Skepta and other chart-topping artists have been raised in London.

If music wasn’t enough, both cities aren’t doing too badly when it comes to filming in the city. Daniel Radcliffe famously starred as Harry Potter and went on to play a lead role in The Women in Black which was partly shot in Leeds along with comedy hit ‘Four Lions’ and a DreamWorks Pictures favourite Chicken Run was partly filmed in Leeds. So, not bad?

But when it comes to movies, the capital of England has often been utilised for high-intensity scenes and gripping moments in some of the most famous films you can think of with the most recent James Bond (Spectre) being filmed in Trafalgar Square and several other locations within the city. A whole host of other films have been shot in the capital along with arguably one of the greatest movies in history, Dark Knight Rises also having parts filmed in London.

Now, celebs, music, movies aside, Leeds offers a handful of museums including the jaw-dropping Leeds Art Gallery. If that doesn’t quite push you, there’s a grand theatre on offer, Leeds Cathedral, along with a few parks to indulge in. Finally, if shopping is your thing then the newly opened Westfields sits around 20 minutes from Leeds and a Trinity Shopping Centre including all your favourite shops is right in the centre of Leeds, so, I guess shopping is covered too!

We all know about London and shopping from our previous look at Garton Jones Cities (GJCities), but what else does London offer? When it comes to creativity, arts and musuems, London has a catalogue of places to go. If you enjoy a fright then the popular London Dungeons could be right up your avenue, but if not, you can pour your attention into taking on the free history museum or go one better and pop over to the National Gallery.


Leeds 8/10

London 7/10

Things to do:

Leeds 6/10

London 9/10


Leeds 7/10

London 8/10


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